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The Luxe Group Ltd.

Leading manufacturer of advanced ceramics in the luxury and technology sectors.




Our History

The Luxe Group, Ltd. was founded in 2009. Our primary objective is the development and production of ceramic components for the luxury and technology sectors.

We have partnerships with factories in France and China, and together have over 31 years experience in ceramic development and production.

Our corporate offices are in San Clemente, CA. We have strategic resources placed in France, China, and North America.



While almost all of our work is client-specific and protected under non-disclosure agreements, we have shown a few examples of our work in our Designs section.


How We Work

We specialize in the development and production of advanced technical ceramics for luxury watches, jewelry, mobile phones, audio, wine and spirits, and ballistics. We achieve fantastic results by working closely with our clients and tailoring our business model to their needs and key objectives. We take our clients’ visions and translate them into reality via CAD design, engineering, and testing, resulting in finished components that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We usually work by a consultation process to provide our clients with professional guidance and expertise, determining the best design and manufacturing route(s) that will achieve the desired results.

Since most of the projects we develop are innovative and have never been done before, there are no set standards to follow. We are constantly creating and perfecting these standards as they apply, project by project.

The development of ceramic requires Research and Development (R&D).

R&D comes in many forms and variables. It may be consulting with us to determine the most proficient production methods for a project. It may be researching and applying methods from other industries.

We use CAD design in every project, whether our clients provide it or we produce it using our own CAD designers. Either way, we spend time and effort on the perfection of the design before moving on to creation of molds and production.

Molds used in traditional ceramic development are metal molds. They are different from typical metal molds for jewelry in that they are very large and complex. The molds for ceramic vary in cost from $2,000 to $6,000 or more USD. The cost for molds is borne by our clients, as they are specific to their projects and will be owned by them. Although this cost seems prohibitive compared to molds used in other processes, per-unit prices in production are much more palatable and bring value to the end result.

We want our clients to know that we take the privilege of working on their designs very seriously. We are committed to working with our clients to ensure they are pleased through the entire process from design ideas to finished products.


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